Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama is Rosemary's Baby ... All Grown Up

From our guest columnist Charles Stewart, a former Utah State Senator

Barack Obama is a dangerous, destructive threat to the Constitution and the freedoms it ensures to the citizens of the United States of America.

On this past Halloween or Devil’s night I was reminded of a very ominous movie: Rosemary’s Baby. This movie is about a less than immaculate conception between the Devil and a mortal woman in an attempt to give birth to a human antichrist, the Devil’s Son, allowing evil to at last triumph over good. The coven of witches in the movie provided excellent pre-natal care. After the birth the coven took the baby and nourished him to insure he fulfilled his destiny: the capturing of men’s souls by destroying their individual freedom.

Barack Obama is Rosemary’s baby all grown up. William Ayers, the erstwhile Lord of the Flies, is his spiritual father. After all, we now know that Ayers is really the “ghost” writer of Obama’s book, “Dreams of My Father”. These “Dreams” are not his biological father’s dreams but those of his spiritual father, William Ayers.

William Ayers grew up hating America. He and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn formed the Weatherman Underground, a terrorist organization that used violence to bomb the Capitol Building and kill police officers. They remain admitted criminals who escaped conviction through a legal technicality. Many revolutionary counter culturalists of their generation changed from violent means of destroying the United States to more sophisticated tactics by entering main stream America through higher education, politics and the media. They now control many of these institutions. Ayers became a tenured university professor. He created a pedagogy for children, now used in some public schools, that revises our history and instructs his students that the US Constitution, which he abhors, is not an inspired but a flawed document. It teaches that the United States is an evil and oppressive country that should be replaced by a one world order. Through this curriculum Ayers now subtly terrorizes our children.

Ayers understood the power of using the public schools to reeducate our children. He also understood the possibility of capturing power through legitimate political means. Imagine, if he could actually take control of the country. He wouldn’t have to waste time slowly re-educating children one school at a time. By using the very government institutions he had fought all his life to destroy, he could effect the change he coveted. If he could gain the presidency, activist courts would be created and the destruction and change of the constitution would be complete. (Barak Obama openly plans to appoint activist judges to “reinterpret” the constitution to impose absolute Central Government sovereignty over States rights and “redistribute wealth”.)

In 1987 a miracle happened. William Ayers met Barack Obama and Ayers’ prayers, so to speak, were answered. Here was an articulate, charismatic young man who shared his same counter-cultural, anti-American philosophy.

After Barack’s biological father abandoned the family, his mother continued to pursue her own revisionist education. She was a product and kindred spirit of the anti-establishment, pseudo-revolutionary 1960’s of Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army, Charles Manson, the Black Panthers, Haight-Ashbury and the Weatherman Underground, all of whom advocated the violent overthrow of the United States. Obama was raised with this anti-American sentiment as the underlying core value in his home. He was literally taught at his mother’s knee that America was a bad and oppressive imperialistic nation that should be overthrown and that the constitution was flawed. As a child, his soul couldn’t help but be imbued with the anti-American philosophy of his mother. When this young man entered college he quite naturally pursued the liberal mantra of universal equality and the dogma of deconstructionism that is pervasive in the unhallowed halls of higher education. He became a champion of hate and change of the American way of life. He gravitated to a religion whose pastor preached racism, hatred, conspiracy and above all wanted God to “Damn America.” Obama felt comfortable in this religion for 20 years. It resonated with who he was and what he had been taught.
After Ayers met Obama, Ayers recognized that here was the seed for his antichrist, his stealth messiah to once and for all destroy the Constitution of the United States and establish one rule world order. He conceived his plan and impregnated the world with his spiritual son one night in his home in Chicago when he began to mold Obama for politics. Ayers used his life long acquired financial resources and positions of influence to cultivate and protect the gestational period through the first trimester of “community activism”. Then it was on to the second trimester in the Illinois State Senate. Only the finest indoctrinators of hate such as Rashid Khalidi, the radical anti-Semite, Arab-American ally of the PLO, would be allowed to provide prenatal care. (The video tape of this meeting is being suppressed by the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.) Now Ayers had his unborn child. No choice for abortion would be allowed. He had nurtured and mentored him, funded him and educated him in the motto of Marxist revolution: the end justifies any means. Ayers instructed him in the catechism of conspiracy. Any lie can be told. Any promise can be broken. Any relationship can be severed as long as power is gained. The third trimester in the Senate of the United States of America arrived. Now, finally, the “change we’ve been waiting for” was near. The fundamental remaking of the constitution (and the loss of individual freedom) was at hand. The complete control of men’s lives was almost his. All Ayers had to do was bring him, the One, to term without a miscarriage. His due date was Nov. 4.

Ayers got lucky and found the perfect storm for the birth of his child. A liberal Democratic Congress controlled by dedicated 60’s style socialists had come to power because a cowardly, opposition party had lost its way and was deservedly thrown out in 2006. This was combined now with an opposition candidate running a disorganized campaign, a country at war but desperately wanting peace and an African-American candidate who didn’t have to play the race card. He was the race card. Ayers even had his coven of witches in a powerful liberal anti-American media that tempted the young and the vulnerable with promises of security, equality and vengeance. This media spread a gospel of envy and hate: Individual success is evil. Forced redistribution of wealth even if unearned is not only deserved, it is a virtue (Biden’s “patriotic duty” tax increase, Obama’s redistributionist judicial appointments). Even still the conservative candidate was creeping ahead because most people are good honest people (Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber). Then like an omen form Hell, a bear with cloven feet, drunk on socialist economic policy, rose up and crashed the stock market one month before the election or due date. The Devil himself, the Lord of the Flies, could not have planned any better the destruction of the United States, the hope of the free world and individual liberty.

Ayers and his coven are dedicated, unrepentant Marxist criminals and terrorists intent on destroying the American Dream of individual achievement substituting instead total government and authoritarian control of men’s lives. Barack Obama is their surrogate son. He may be a good person but he is heart and soul committed to the changing of America by any means. Remember: it is becoming clear that William Ayers is the principle author of Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father.” Obama is profoundly influenced by Ayers and his ilk and has been since his earliest childhood. Indeed Ayers is his spiritual father. The “audacity of lies” from the Lord of the Flies is incarnate in Barack Obama.

Rosemary’s baby has grown up.

At the end of the film, Rosemary stood over the crib with a knife, poised to kill her baby because she realized who he really was and what he would do. But she couldn’t kill him because, after all, he was her baby. (That doesn’t mean she would vote for him.) The coven stood around the crib adoringly talking about his cute little horns. And so the baby became a man.

I urge all Americans who love this country to have the courage that the former Republican controlled congress lacked and vote against Barack Obama. Look beyond the attractive, articulate, charismatic man. His horns i.e. William Ayers and Jeremy Wright aren’t so cute. We know that John McCain, for all his failings, loves this country. He has and will defend the Constitution with his life if necessary. Barak Obama does not love this country. He loves a different world with authoritarian, socialist rules. He wants to change and destroy our constitution. John McCain sincerely asks God to bless America. Barack Obama follows a priest who wants God to “damn America.”

I love America the Beautiful, land of the free and home of the brave. I believe the Constitution of the United States is a unique and inspired document. I believe the Declaration of Independence and declare it to the world as the torch of Liberty. I want to live free. This election day we have a choice: the legacy of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln or the legacy of Carl Marx, William Ayers and the Weatherman Underground. I chose freedom. I chose America. I chose John McCain.

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