Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama is Undermining What America Is

This election cycle has been intense. And, Barack Obama will undermine Americans and the Founding Fathers, if he becomes the next President of the United States of America.

The problem is, he is fooling everyone into thinking he's what America needs - and so desparately. He speaks clearly. He says that help is on the way for all Americans - in every circumstance. He's cool under pressure. He's handsome. He's likable. But, he's disgracing the principles America was founded under: Independence, hard work, freedom and small government.

He will take over all major programs - health care, education, welfare, social security and finance, and not allow us a choice in the matter. We will not be able to choose which education our children have. We will not empower people to work hard and get themselves out of welfare, and our businesses will be so bogged down by taxes and regulations, they will not want to produce or hire workers. The downside of giving everything to people is that those people then lose their freedom to choose for themselves.

But, there is a bigger issue here - Obama is inextricably linked to radicals - educational, religious and idealogical radicals. William Ayers - a college professor in Illinois - bombed American government buildings in the 1970s. He supports education that will liberate the captive and teach people about the evils of American capitalism. Reverend Jeremiah Wright teaches his congregation about Black Liberation Theology which has an undercurrent of hatred for the way America has been running for the past 100+ years. Down with the evil white man. Obama's ACORN group is misrepresenting voter registration forms and has been for years.

These groups of people are not for America. They're for destroying America. Or changing it completely from the way it was organized.

A vote for Barack Obama is a vote that America is fundamentally flawed and has been wrong all these years. Obama's change is radical, un-American change.

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